Matthew (matskralc) wrote in a_box_of_stupid,

Have you ever changed your mind at the drive through?

I did it last night at Popeyes. When I got to the place where you speak into the menu board said, "Be with you in a minute." As I thought about what to get, I remembered the fresh new bottle of blue cheese dressing in my fridge, and suddenly I started thinking about pizza. At that point I made my decision- I needed pizza. I was courteous and waited rather than be an a-hole and just drive off. She said, "May I take your order."
I said, "To be honest, I just got a hankering for some pizza. Sorry about that."
"That's ok" the voice said.
I said, "I just changed my mind, that's all. I like this place though."
I went home and called the local pizza joint and had them deliver two larges.
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