Matthew (matskralc) wrote in a_box_of_stupid,

Ever been to Chili's?

Saturday night I took my family to a place called Chili's. My son got a hamburger- he loves ‘em. And my daughter got chicken fingers. My wife enjoyed a delicious tossed salad while I got their signature Chicken Ranch sandwich. It was absolutely delicious. We ate some fudge brownie dessert and went out to the bookstore to browse books. They had some great books on US History for sale and I bought a couple. Paid 10 bucks for 3 books on US History. Instead of posting on here the last few days, I learned about US History- furthered my mind. I'm not make subliminal hints towards you people to stop posting in here and do something with your lives, I'm just saying try reading and educating yourself. If you have children, help them with their homework or help your wife with her gardening, cooking, and clothes washing. I'm starting to do that more and I couldn't be happier now.

Have a pleasant day.
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