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Warning: The consumption of alcohol makes you think you're more badass than you actually are.

So this one time I'd had some rum and Coke and it made me think I was all super enough to tell my dad not to use an ethnic slur in front of my little sister and then he yelled at me and then Mom yelled at me and then I killed my entire family and piled the bodies in the bathtub and poured Drano on them until they were all dissolved and then I filled the bathtub with green goldfish crackers and then I sold the house to some unsuspecting Jehovah's Witnesses and moved to Tijuana.

And then my little sister, who is entirely too nosy for her own good, read this entry while I was taking a crap and she was going to be scarred for life until I explained about a_box_of_stupid and how this entry was just a story and I'd never actually do anything like that and it made her feel better, which will keep her unaware of the black mamba snake I am sneaking into her bed tonight.
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