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School sucks worse than your mom.

So this one time I was at college and I said I was on scholarship and this guy kind of tilted his head and looked at me and was all "... what sport do you play?" And I said, "I play the sport of going to class and doing my damn work and doing it damn well, since this is theoretically a school," but what I really wanted to say was "DON'T YOU FUCKING KNOW THAT ORIGINALLY SCHOLARSHIPS WERE GIVEN OUT SO THAT SMART PEOPLE COULD GO TO SCHOOL UNLIKE NOW WHEN THEY GO TO SUPPORT DUMBASSES LIKE YOURSELF SO YOU CAN MOVE A BALL AROUND A FUCKING FIELD."

And I'm sure I reinforced all of his perceptions that smart people are uppity and useless for anything but copying quizzes and homework, but I should have reinforced the side of his head with my fist.
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